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The Challenge Of Tweaking Twitter

It is my belief the fundamental charm of Twitter is as much its brevity as its immediacy. Writing in 140 characters or less has become an art form for users. A skill. The national news, entertainment, weather and sports media … Continue reading

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Google+ And Facebook Not Sounding Very Social To Me

Sooooooo…take a few minutes away from work today to check out the lead technology stories of the last day or so… I trust you have at least heard of Google+…if not…here’s an overview… It is a new social networking service Google created … Continue reading

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For The Love Of TV

If you love not just watching television shows but discussing details on the characters and plotlines, the breaking news on show celebs, etc. I am betting at least some of your favorites are reviewed by one of my favorite new blogs…For The Love Of TV. One of the best parts of … Continue reading

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Father’s Day 2011 – No Hallmark Card For This One

This site is designed for upbeat, clear-headed, wink-filled, fun-loving rants about life. However, life has its not-so-fun moments to rant about also.  It is sometimes downbeat, confusing, tear-filled and can be flat-out cruel. In my blogging travels I see a lot of very personal posts discussing the … Continue reading

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Diversity Of Blogging – Read A Blog Outside Your Bubble Each Day

One of my daily goals is to learn something new.  A new skill.  A new prospective.  A new idea. I had mentioned in a prior post about the release of a book on what “Big Brother” is doing to personalize … Continue reading

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Personalized Internet Experiences Will Fail Us

USA Today yesterday included a mini-review for “The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You” by Eli Pariser via Penguin Press.  Book comes out later this month. Read the thoughts in USA Today and then headed off to Amazon…where I found … Continue reading

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The Future Of Newspapers

I love newspapers.  Always have.  Always will…unless they become extinct, of course.  Plenty of them going under. A couple of newspapers I read appear to be addressing the life span of their industry differently. One paper started to print Quick Reader (“QR”) codes which store … Continue reading

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Blogging 101 – Perseverance

A few years ago, I created a blog.  Sports-themed…but injected “life outside of games” where I could.  I interacted with a lot of good folks and learned a lot from other blogs as well, but abandoned blogging several months later when “life outside of games” took over all my waking … Continue reading

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