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A Bridge (Plan) To Nowhere

Pennsylvania, as I have noted on occasion, is a very old state in many ways. It is not unique in that regard – there are other ancient states in the United States – but in fact a lot of stuff … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Squares – Republicans (And Democrats?) For The Block

(Image Credit Wikipedia.org) In my last post I noted how the trend towards straight-ticket voting was helping to polarize politics and make it more “Us Versus Them” than ever in the US. And then Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed … Continue reading

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Split Tickets Or Split Country – Straight-Ticket Voting Probably Polarizing

(Image Credit MinnPost.com) I rarely wade into the political pool but a column I read over the weekend provoked deep thought and consideration of others. Deep thought and consideration of others is not normally associated with our daily political news … Continue reading

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The Challenge Of Tweaking Twitter

It is my belief the fundamental charm of Twitter is as much its brevity as its immediacy. Writing in 140 characters or less has become an art form for users. A skill. The national news, entertainment, weather and sports media … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Wish For Everyone…Milk…For Your Cereal Too

Phil Rosenthal, the creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, was quoted once that while working on another hit television show…making its network millions…its staff got a memo saying, “Please do not put milk on your cereal.  The milk is for coffee.  … Continue reading

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Open Season On Open Primaries

Who created this political beast known as an Open Primary? Please stand and be recognized by the chair…because I’d like to toss mine at you. You know we all have them.  Things in our society we know to be blatantly, … Continue reading

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The Future’s So Dark I Gotta Wear Shades

This post is not going to be pretty. I’ve been part of two layoffs in the past decade.  Admittedly, trying to etch out a supply chain/materials management career in manufacturing in the Northeast part of the United States pretty much sets … Continue reading

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Independence Day National And Personal…Take A Stand

We celebrate our Thirteen Colonies’ adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th each year…when the genesis of the United States legally confirmed they no longer would abide by British rule. Independence means different things to different folks whether it be discussing … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Is Crap

Having lived outside of Philadelphia most of my life I learned long ago…to let go…of any anger regarding columns, reviews, rankings etc. of how bad Philadelphia is as a city.  You have to live in a city to “get it.” We have our … Continue reading

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World IPv6 Day Is Here!

The future is forever…unless we run out of Internet. This will explain everything…kinda…all I know is if enough panic is created from the Internet having a “No Vacancy” sign swinging from it the resulting fallout might just help boost our economy. Y2K, … Continue reading

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Porcupine Speed Limits – Part II

In a prior post I mentioned the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had declared a hunting season for porcupines.  Of course the state has bigger issues…but extinction of the porcupine seems symptomatic of how we focus on the wrong things.  Pattye Benson’s fine post about Pennsylvania’s … Continue reading

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Porcupine Speed Limits

I know speed limits on our highways are a hot-button issue for many.  Recently, I became familiar with the National Motorists Association.  These folks have a number of articles on the effectiveness of speed limits and how they feel speed limits should … Continue reading

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