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A Bridge (Plan) To Nowhere

Pennsylvania, as I have noted on occasion, is a very old state in many ways. It is not unique in that regard – there are other ancient states in the United States – but in fact a lot of stuff … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Squares – Republicans (And Democrats?) For The Block

(Image Credit Wikipedia.org) In my last post I noted how the trend towards straight-ticket voting was helping to polarize politics and make it more “Us Versus Them” than ever in the US. And then Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed … Continue reading

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Split Tickets Or Split Country – Straight-Ticket Voting Probably Polarizing

(Image Credit MinnPost.com) I rarely wade into the political pool but a column I read over the weekend provoked deep thought and consideration of others. Deep thought and consideration of others is not normally associated with our daily political news … Continue reading

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Drone-ing On

(Image Credit HuffingtonPost.com) A few days before Christmas a World Cup slalom ski competition in Italy was racing along quite nicely when a drone, carrying TV equipment through in the air in an attempt to raise the intensity level for … Continue reading

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Movies Need Supported Not Awarded

(Image Credit FreeDesignFile.com) According to my trustworthy daily Peanuts desk calendar January 19th is National Popcorn Day. That’s appropriate for this post for a couple reasons. One, popcorn’s association with movie going is well-known and two, everyone has their individual … Continue reading

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The Challenge Of Tweaking Twitter

It is my belief the fundamental charm of Twitter is as much its brevity as its immediacy. Writing in 140 characters or less has become an art form for users. A skill. The national news, entertainment, weather and sports media … Continue reading

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Weather Channel To Cover (More) Weather

For the last few years the Weather Channel has – even during live, severe weather events you’d think would warrant coverage and actually garner them more viewership – run reality shows and documentaries. According to a story in Variety that’s about … Continue reading

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A Tardy Teacher…A Broad Brush…Don’t Pass Stereotypes On

Perhaps you saw the story regarding an elementary school teacher in New Jersey who was admittedly late over 100 times in the past two school years combined yet retained his position. He has been suspended without pay from the beginning … Continue reading

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Mr. Robot Season Finale – The Intersection Of Entertainment And Reality

USA Network postponed last evening’s scheduled season finale of their drama series “Mr. Robot” for one week because the episode reportedly contains a scene with similarities to the real-life horror that occurred on live television yesterday morning in Virginia. So … Continue reading

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Storm Chasing With The Family – You’ll Be Blown Away

It has become quite obvious from the massive number of amateur-submitted videos showing severe storm activity folks have latched onto a new way of entertaining themselves. And it’s relatively low-cost…except if you factor in the potentially costing you your life part. Yes, even whole families are now … Continue reading

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Open Season On Open Primaries

Who created this political beast known as an Open Primary? Please stand and be recognized by the chair…because I’d like to toss mine at you. You know we all have them.  Things in our society we know to be blatantly, … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLVI Advertising – Good, Bad…Why?

One thing I’ve learned after 46 Super Bowls is post-game reactions and emotions regarding the TV ads that aired during the game are fun to discuss. Each person and each advertiser measures effectiveness and success so differently. Some ads are … Continue reading

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