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Movies Need Supported Not Awarded

(Image Credit FreeDesignFile.com) According to my trustworthy daily Peanuts desk calendar January 19th is National Popcorn Day. That’s appropriate for this post for a couple reasons. One, popcorn’s association with movie going is well-known and two, everyone has their individual … Continue reading

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The Concept Of Last Christmas

The seed may admittedly been planted for this post by a combination of factors, most notably being the cashier at our local movie theater suddenly starting to give me a Senior discount in the last few weeks without my asking … Continue reading

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Supernatural – TV Worth Riding With

(Image Credit YouTube.com) If you follow the television industry behind the scenes in addition to watching scenes you may have heard back in August the CEO of the FX Network, John Landgraf, stated he believes there are simply too many … Continue reading

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The Peanuts Movie – Good Grief You’re In 3-D Charlie Brown – A Review

(Image Credit Mashable.com) I know we hard-core fans of the comic strip “Peanuts” were shocked and dismayed when we learned Hollywood couldn’t help itself from sucking in even more revenue by scooping up and sending off our innocent, timeless beloved characters … Continue reading

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In The Bathroom…May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

This whole “Hunger Games” phenomenon snuck up on me from behind…like a sneaky Tribute. Hadn’t read any of the books.  Hadn’t heard of any of the books. Once the first film based on these best-sellers had been out for all of one week and it … Continue reading

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Moneyball Worth The Investment

Eight years in development and on its third director. I never thought the best-selling book it was based on would translate to the big screen. Neither did the book’s author. But Brad Pitt did.  And at this point in his … Continue reading

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Contagion To Cultivate Generations Of Germaphobes?

“Nothing spreads like fear.” I saw the ads for the new movie “Contagion” and thought to myself…oh, another “original” idea from Hollywood.  Plague kills many.  World in crisis.  Must stop plague before end of World. Been there and done that, Tinseltown.  … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh The New Gotham – Batman Invades Heinz Field

As an admirer of the city of Pittsburgh who lived there for a year (attending Point Park College) and has visited numerous times since, it is great to see the locals involved in movie-making of the highest calling…serving as an integral part in the … Continue reading

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Running Times On Films – Short Attention Span Here

For what it’s worth, whenever a new film comes out one of the first things I check is the running time. I’m seen a ton of movies…at one time I was even a theatre projectionist (fresh out of college) as part … Continue reading

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Ignore Those Explosions – I’m Batman Pittsburgh!

It pays to be Batman.  You can pretty much do as you please. Make as much mayhem as necessary.  No restraints.  Especially in Pittsburgh… Courtesy of USA Today… Emergency dispatchers in Pittsburgh are preparing to take calls from residents who … Continue reading

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Kevin James Learned Early Comedy No Laughing Matter

Caught comedian Kevin James being interviewed on the radio a few days back.  He was asked about his debut stand-up performance years ago. He described it as “absolutely killing it.”  Everything went flawlessly and the crowd was roaring its approval.  He felt performing comedy for … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves Raymond…Even Russia

The creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond” has directed a documentary of his efforts to convince the good people of Russia his show was and is – in fact – funny. Cannot wait to see Phil Rosenthal’s “Exporting Raymond.” Carrie Rickey of … Continue reading

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