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Birthday, Every Day, Forever And A Day

In honor of my wife’s upcoming birthday (which also gets me out of having to find a parking spot among three-foot high mounds of snow…): I was all set to seek a card, To tell you how I feel, But … Continue reading

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The Concept Of Last Christmas

The seed may admittedly been planted for this post by a combination of factors, most notably being the cashier at our local movie theater suddenly starting to give me a Senior discount in the last few weeks without my asking … Continue reading

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The Grocery List – I Have No Reservations

This post begins the “lifeattitudes reprise series”…a fancy way of saying it appeared a few years back and is refreshed now for those who missed it the first time around…enjoy. Each week my wife and I compile a grocery list. It … Continue reading

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The Self-Heimlich

Yes, it can be done.  In fact, it turned out to be far less complicated than first thought.  Well, that’s not exactly honest because I never, ever thought I would be facing the task of losing my life over dinner. Last night I … Continue reading

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The Day I Almost Killed My Wife Playing Tennis

My wife and I have not played tennis since. The incident is referred to rarely, in hushed tones…simply as “The Drop Shot.” Several years ago, the Mrs. and I were playing tennis at least once a week.  Never in a … Continue reading

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Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever.

You likely know the music. You likely don’t know who composed it. My wife knows the music, the composer and my love of it …which resulted in the best Christmas gift I have ever received…Christmas Day 2011. Trammell Starks has produced some of the … Continue reading

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The Grocery List – I Have No Reservations

Each week my wife and I compile a grocery list. It is carefully crafted and designed to efficiently go to no more than a couple of food stores on the weekend. We have to go to at least two because “one doesn’t have what the … Continue reading

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Six Ways To Make It To Another Wedding Anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary. Six ways we’ve made it almost three decades now: 1. See your partner through a big ol’ telescope, not a teeny, tiny microscope.  You have to look at the 50,000-foot view and not micro-manage or escalate incidents or disagreements.  Most definitely, … Continue reading

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