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Birthday, Every Day, Forever And A Day

In honor of my wife’s upcoming birthday (which also gets me out of having to find a parking spot among three-foot high mounds of snow…): I was all set to seek a card, To tell you how I feel, But … Continue reading

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Drone-ing On

(Image Credit HuffingtonPost.com) A few days before Christmas a World Cup slalom ski competition in Italy was racing along quite nicely when a drone, carrying TV equipment through in the air in an attempt to raise the intensity level for … Continue reading

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The Concept Of Last Christmas

The seed may admittedly been planted for this post by a combination of factors, most notably being the cashier at our local movie theater suddenly starting to give me a Senior discount in the last few weeks without my asking … Continue reading

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Christmas Is For The Innocent

(Image Credit New York Daily News) Several years ago I came across this story published in the New York Daily News by Karen Zautyk. She is a former Editorial Board member there who originally wrote this for her father, John. … Continue reading

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Thinking Past And Presents As Holidays Begin

In May 2013 a columnist by the name of Craig Wilson took his final bow after a buyout from his employer, USA Today. He wrote a Wednesday column called “The Final Word” for more than sixteen years. His weekly writing – … Continue reading

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A Veterans Day Thought – One With Honor

(Image Credit Susannah Smith/Associated Press) There is a Veterans Day story I want to share in case you haven’t seen it already…but my disclaimer up front is it is hard to do so. The reason I decided to go ahead … Continue reading

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The Peanuts Movie – Good Grief You’re In 3-D Charlie Brown – A Review

(Image Credit Mashable.com) I know we hard-core fans of the comic strip “Peanuts” were shocked and dismayed when we learned Hollywood couldn’t help itself from sucking in even more revenue by scooping up and sending off our innocent, timeless beloved characters … Continue reading

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Finicky Fussy Philly Ficus

What is affectionately known as the “Finicky Fussy Philly Ficus” a year ago… And now… The backstory to this ficus tree is it was a present from the in-laws several years ago and kinda looked to me like it was rather DOA … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men Often Go Awry

Our title comes via the poet and lyricist Robert Burns (whom my father either was or was not named after). Some background. I have another WordPress web site (sportsattitudes) where I remind readers on occasion why I rarely make predictions. … Continue reading

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Death? I’ve Got Options

For whatever reasons a couple of days ago…after all the years living where I do…I noticed there are three funeral homes all within but six miles of my residence. Heck…two of them are directly across the street from each other. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Makes Eternal Impression

Pope Francis’ visit to our Philadelphia region has ended but for me one aspect of his tour will stay with me forever. I’m not Catholic…I am a Christian. But one quote attributed to this Pope should always be cause for … Continue reading

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Four-Way No Way For Highway

This post continues the “lifeattitudes reprise series”…a fancy way of saying it appeared a few years back and is refreshed now for those who missed it the first time around…enjoy. I come before you today to plead my case for … Continue reading

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