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The Challenge Of Tweaking Twitter

It is my belief the fundamental charm of Twitter is as much its brevity as its immediacy. Writing in 140 characters or less has become an art form for users. A skill. The national news, entertainment, weather and sports media … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men Often Go Awry

Our title comes via the poet and lyricist Robert Burns (whom my father either was or was not named after). Some background. I have another WordPress web site (sportsattitudes) where I remind readers on occasion why I rarely make predictions. … Continue reading

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Weather Channel To Cover (More) Weather

For the last few years the Weather Channel has – even during live, severe weather events you’d think would warrant coverage and actually garner them more viewership – run reality shows and documentaries. According to a story in Variety that’s about … Continue reading

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This Week In Finance – Reviewing One’s 401K

If a picture indeed is worth a thousand words…it also is worth a thousand dollars…or much, much more depending on your portfolio. Hang in there folks. What goes up…must come down. At least that’s what they tell us…

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Body Mass My A** – How BMI Is TMI

Last week I went to see my primary care physician.  I had not been to the office in quite a while.  All of our recent “interaction” consisted of phone-in prescription refills only.  I really didn’t think it had been THAT long since I visited…but shortly … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLVI Advertising – Good, Bad…Why?

One thing I’ve learned after 46 Super Bowls is post-game reactions and emotions regarding the TV ads that aired during the game are fun to discuss. Each person and each advertiser measures effectiveness and success so differently. Some ads are … Continue reading

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Horrible Bosses – The Silicon Valley Edition

The AP story popped up on my radar over the weekend…”Suit Claims Silicon Valley Scheme”…”Google, Intel, Adobe, Intuit, Lucasfilm, Pixar and Apple accused of anti-poaching conspiracy.” Workers for some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley filed a lawsuit in … Continue reading

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Restaurant Seating…No Butts About It

I refuse to believe I am alone in my disappointment over the varied seating “accommodations” provided in some of our nation’s restaurants.  Sometimes, this disappointment converts to discomfort and eventually can become a true pain…in the…butt. While I understand the money-making method of turning tables over and getting … Continue reading

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Emergency Alert System Test…Operators Are Standing By

FEMA, in coordination with the FCC and NOAA, is planning to conduct the first-ever, nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) Test on Wednesday, November 9th at 2:00 PM Eastern.  According to their information, the date was selected because it falls between the … Continue reading

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Festivus And Social Media – Airing Of Grievances Can Get You Canned

Festivus will be here before you know it folks. December 23rd not that far off now. (If you have no idea what I’m referring to the link above will be most helpful…) One of the aspects of this annual ”Holiday” … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Pharmaceutical Advertisers

Dear Pharmaceutical Advertisers: I know you revel in the fact the United States is practically the only developed country in the world that allows direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals.  I also know the economy would surely collapse if you didn’t spend so much of your … Continue reading

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How A Customer Departs Can Determine If They Will Return

Should aggressive customer retention efforts be executed while a customer is actively trying to no longer be a customer…or postponed until the emotion and passion of “checking out” have died down? There are certainly tangible administrative and economical advantages to … Continue reading

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