The Concept Of Last Christmas

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The seed may admittedly been planted for this post by a combination of factors, most notably being the cashier at our local movie theater suddenly starting to give me a Senior discount in the last few weeks without my asking for it…or from my claiming to be a Senior.

I’m not.


Anyway…let’s give Christmas a proper send-off shall we?

First off…farewell until next year for Christmas music. I know it is a passionate, love/hate thing for a lot of folks. Some people work in retail or restaurants and have to listen to the same rotation of a dozen songs for five weeks. That would likely make you prefer a root canal. Others have the opportunity to throttle Christmas music in and out of their daily routines as desired. But love it or hate it…it’s with us. I happen to love it from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day…in moderation, of course.

One of my favorite analytics sites is FiveThirtyEight. They use numbers and math to locate trends and make projections and predictions on just about anything…including politics. Well worth a visit.

They recently published an article called “The Most-Covered Christmas Songs Ever.” The column consists of three lists – one ranks the most-covered Christmas songs of all-time along with the year they were each released – another lists the most used Christmas songs in movie soundtracks – the third ranks the most-streamed Christmas songs on Spotify at a certain point into this Holiday. If you’re into Christmas music on any level you should check these lists out. You may even find a song or two…or three…you’ve never heard and wind up adding it to your collection.

I also found on FiveThirtyEight an article titled “The Charlie Brown Christmas Special Dancers You Most Want To Party With.” They have snippets featuring each one of the kids in the beloved Special on stage dancing to “Linus And Lucy” with comments by two of their columnists as to…based on their animated, animation dance moves…who would be the most fun to hang with at any party. A cute column worthy for any Charlie Brown/Peanuts fan to check out. I’m not going to spoil the fun of finding out for yourself who was determined to be the kid judged most likely to best liven up a gathering.

As far as that whole “Senior at the cinema” thing that got me thinking about mortality…which is what I’ve been led to believe one does when it becomes apparent you are closer to the end of your days than you’d like to admit. While that sounds a tad morbid for this time of year let me explain within such thought lays – I think – a grand opportunity to re-appreciate life.

I am not a “Doctor Who” expert in any way. I have only seen, say, twenty episodes or so. However I did recently watch binge-watch the TV series’ Christmas episodes…including one called “Last Christmas.”

The concept of “Last Christmas” (not restricted to this episode at all – it is a Who-ism) poses the notion people get together at Christmas because there is always the chance it might be the last time they do so. Christmas is a special, magical moment in our lives, one often consisting of emotional reunions with people we love and cherish. There is often a Sleigh-ful of memories that pour out of each of us from prior Christmases that accompany these gatherings.

I saw a commercial just last night for AT & T which does not “get” Christmas at all. The narrator said AT & T knows the best kind of Holiday is the one where everyone gets what they wished for.


The best kind of Holiday is the one where everyone appreciates and cherishes what they already have…who they already have…and who gave us all life in the first place.

I did not easily “shake off” this concept of Last Christmas. I do vow to tell my wife how much she means to me every single day as I will family members and friends. I know. It sounds like one of those well-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions that by mid-January will have literally flown out the window and be long gone.

The thing is…after reflecting on the concept of Last Christmas I’ve become more determined to get to…Next Christmas. I admit I can’t manipulate and travel through time like Doctor Who. But regardless…I will strive to keep in mind 1 Corinthians 13 where it speaks of love.

Love never fails. It never fades out…or becomes obsolete…or comes to an end. And…isn’t Christmas…love?

Last Christmas?






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27 Responses to The Concept Of Last Christmas

  1. I enjoyed reading this. May you have many more Christmases to show love and appreciate life. Wishing you only the best in 2016

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  2. OneDizzyBee says:

    Well said! I don’t celebrate a “traditional Christmas” because I feel as though there are aspects of Christmas I prefer to celebrate all year long. This time of year is often a reflection for me on how well I did that.

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  3. I understand the senior sentiment completely!

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  4. spearfruit says:

    What a great post and I agree for the reason to get together for Christmas; you never know when it may be the last one. It is about those people in our lives here today. Thanks Bruce, I enjoyed reading this.

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  5. Laura says:

    I agree that the best holiday is when people appreciate what they already have. Best wishes to you for happy 2016!

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  6. Bruce, I just love this post!! I especially like this bit: “The best kind of Holiday is the one where everyone appreciates and cherishes what they already have…who they already have…and who gave us all life in the first place.” This is so true. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about contentment and how we are always seeking the next best thing and I wonder why we can’t be content with what we have. I guess part of it is that we are living in a disposable society. We get married not for life but until we have issues and then we can trade up, down or laterally. I think this is especially true in the U.S. because we are so focused on stuff. Frankly I find it tiring.

    It’s true we do have an expiration date which is why we need to make the most of the moments we have at hand. Although truth be told after a major life change, once things settle down, I sometimes find myself once again taking life for granted. But in the quiet moments of reflection I do appreciate just being. Thank you for sharing this phenomenal message. Happy New Year.

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  7. Solid.
    The marketing and frenzy – glad to have leave, but the feeling, the concept of Christmas, I’ll keep that all year…quietly over here…you can barely hear the music, right? I love (some) Christmas music, so you may hear soft bits throughout the year – it’s melodious, positive, hopeful, cheerful, soothing and encouraging…something that is needed many times through out the year. My kid insisted on playing tapes of Christmas music every night for years to go to sleep by…we went through at 3 “Wee Sing Christmas” cassettes. She’s not a a huge fan of it now ( I hold off until after Thanksgiving to turn it up…and use it sparingly in public) but there’s something about Christmas music …People seem to be better when it’s applied appropriately and in correct doses?
    Hope your new year is full of wonderful adventures and much wonder!

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    • Karen aka “Phil,” a special thank you for following and commenting on my blogs each time I make a return to the blogosphere. Now all I need to do is my part by making this return stick. I indeed plan to blog on throughout the New Year and trust you are as well. Thanks again for all your support throughout the years!

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  8. You made some excellent points here, Bruce. Christmas, serves as a very important time. More important than we may have ever realized.

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  9. belinda o says:

    I appreciate the sentiment here…and have to laugh at being identified as a senior. But think about it, you’re eligible for AARP at 50.

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    • Belinda, I never figured out why everyone has these different ages for “senior.” For example the movie chain in question considers you one at 60. I guess it’s too much to expect an across-the-board standard…and we probably don’t need that anyway…but I bet some merchants get slammed because the “other guy” has a lower number.

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  10. Happy new year! Yes I know that senior discount wow!

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  11. Kah Choon says:

    Thanks for sharing. Your blog is nothing short of inspirational and is always filled with such happiness, inspiration and honesty.

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