September 11th

Like many others every time I see or hear that date (or its cruel partner 9/11) it sends a chill up my spine. I get sad. I become reflective.

On September 11, 2001 I awoke with thoughts of attending a job interview later that day. Having recently been laid off as a result of a manufacturing facility closing I was looking forward to discussing a new career option not far from my home. I kissed my wife good-bye as she headed off to work and then sat down to watch CNN to see what was going on in the world.

I was watching CNN when the first plane hit. Instinctively I called my wife to ask if she knew what had happened. She did. I was still on the phone with her when the second plane crashed. We had no words. Dead silence partnered with the obvious deaths that had already taken place.

The precise timing of information flow that day admittedly gets fuzzy fourteen years later. The other planes and locations. The towers coming down. Over time it has morphed into one huge, horrible blur.

My interview – it was scheduled for the afternoon. I had received no call canceling it but upon arrival the company had indeed closed for the day. The uncertainty of who was involved and why these acts of evil occurred obviously led many businesses to decide to let their employees go home to their loved ones.

My wife and I were reunited shortly upon my return. I don’t recall ever hugging her harder before that moment.

And I haven’t stopped since.

Aside from the very mention of the date causing me to pause whenever I come across it now…there is one other way it fundamentally changed my life forever.

When I say good-bye to my wife each day I make sure she knows how very much I love her.

Do not ever take those you love for granted…but especially when parting.

That’s a part I have played ever since…September 11th.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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8 Responses to September 11th

  1. “fundamentally changed my life forever.” I feel the same way. (Loved your closing). Watching TV before heading out, the first plane was a shock , but then the next…
    We had a kid in Denver headed to NY for an interview. We couldn’t get hold of her and didn’t know if she was in the air or not. Finally she called and said the airports were blocked and she didn’t know what was going on or what to do. We said go home. Finally the Med school called her and said, “don’t come.” An uncertain time.
    Businesses we dealt with took a big hit because for months companies were afraid to spend money for with the future so unknown.
    It was like this country suddenly realized safety was over.

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    • So many things have changed since that day. We were cautioned to not change our way of life or the bad guys won…but we did exactly that in many cases. Err on the side of caution yes…but I’m not sure about some other stuff that has been initiated. I had a friend who was actually in the air flying home when this all happened and his plane was diverted to an airport en route. His family was frantic. Took him two additional days to get home. Thanks for sharing as always.


  2. Our firm was one of many that shut down that day, although it took some time for the powers that be to make the final decision. My supervisor and couple others made the decision to leave before given the OK because like everyone else we just weren’t sure what was going on. A call from one of my managers asking if we evacuated because he heard a plane went down in Pittsburgh was the deciding factor in our leaving the building. Working in a glass skyscraper, knowing the only way down would be the stairs should the call to leave come about, we made the right decision. It was total chaos outside as the city came to a virtual standstill, it was so gridlocked. If I lived another hundred years I will never forget the events of that day.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Stephanae. It certainly sounds like you will always remember this date and day. Still hard to believe it all happened…and so many were affected severely who were not intimately involved in the horror themselves.


      • You’re welcome. When I was reading about you being on the phone with your wife when the second plane hit, immediately I remembered a bunch of us gathered around one of my colleagues computer looking at the damage of the first plane and like you, while watching the screen the second plane hit. It was so horrifying our minds couldn’t grasp what happened.


  3. belinda o says:

    I remember that day so well. My brother and his family live in Manhattan and watched from their bedroom window as the towers fell. Earlier they’d heard what they thought were explosions, but they were busy with two babies and didn’t realize what was going on until I called (from Minneapolis) to make sure they were okay. I felt fairly certain they were, but still needed to know, especially being aware the communications systems likely were going to shut down shortly, which of course they did. Ann told me that for weeks after it smelled like death, even though authorities denied that could be possible. The smell, she said, clung to your clothing like bitter cold air does in winter.


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