Winter Road Tips For Those Assigned To Clear Them

I have noted on this blog previously here in Philadelphia and its suburbs we don’t handle driving well.  Especially when it comes to our perverse delight to construct and maintain four-way intersections.

We don’t fare well in dry, sunny and tranquil conditions.  Therefore, you can only imagine the daily horrors taking place in conjunction with this Polar Vortex thingy that has us in its unrelenting, icy grip.  Nights in the single digits, days around 20.  And then there is…wind.  And these small clipper systems that bring just enough snow to require you to hurry out and dispense of it…otherwise becoming the substance formerly known as snow.

Fact – Ice is not easily navigated when you can’t drive to begin with.  And thus is our dilemma in these parts right now.

For those folks charged with the significant responsibility to try to assist us from playing bumper-cars, some tips:

1. When applying that cool new brine people are raving about, perhaps it would be best applied just prior to the storm instead of a full day ahead of time?  One questions the full effectiveness of brine while hundreds of cars drive over it prior to the first snowflake or sliver of icy rain.

2. When applying that old stand-by salt, perhaps distributing it evenly across the road surface rather than in mega-clumps might lead to a wider area of the roadway melting?  Just a thought…a wider area of coverage might result in a wider area of melt.

3. When applying that old stand-by gravel…don’t.  Just don’t.  Keep it.  I can’t tell you how many times those miniature stones have become giant rocks when it comes to my vehicles’ performance.  You get one of those suckers in the business end of your car and it sounds like your auto is gone-o.  Not to mention the fact once hundreds of cars drive over it the gravel all gravitates to either side of the road and…alas…there’s nothing to provide any traction in the actual area we drive within.  We do however get to continue to collect it on our sidewalks and walkways…and subsequently into our homes for the next three months.  There’s that…but we really don’t need extra traction in our living space.

4. Once you have come through the first time after a storm and essentially plowed our parking lots and driveways in – which we understand is a by-product of this kind of weather and what must be must be – do be kind enough to re-visit your work a second time and scrape away the residue if you didn’t get it all off…when you’ve clearly not revealed clear roadway during your first pass.  When you know 32 degrees F ain’t going to happen for days on end, you must understand what you didn’t get the first time…well, golly it isn’t going anywhere.  Take another shot the next day.  Please come back.  If it’s a matter of raising taxes to pay for coming back and completing the task at hand, just raise them.  It’s not like they don’t rise annually anyway.

Heck, I’ll get the checkbook out right now just to pay for no more gravel.



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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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4 Responses to Winter Road Tips For Those Assigned To Clear Them

  1. So glad not to be shoveling or driving in winter mess anymore.
    This was hilarious “we really don’t need extra traction in our living space.” so true!
    It’s coming for a return visit shortly. Guess we’ll keep the warm clothes out for a little while…hopefully a very little while. Stay warm ….and avoid the roads?


  2. 40-50 Mph winds today and back into the freezer for a few. You stay warm and keep thinking Spring! It will be here…at some point…I think…


  3. Longworth72 says:

    Never lived in climes cold enough for snow. Today in Perth, Western Australia, it was a relatively cool 92.3. I can sympathise with the gravel – It being part of a garden feature that a previous home owner left us. We now get gravel everywhere.


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