Storm Chasing With The Family – You’ll Be Blown Away

It has become quite obvious from the massive number of amateur-submitted videos showing severe storm activity folks have latched onto a new way of entertaining themselves.

And it’s relatively low-cost…except if you factor in the potentially costing you your life part.

Yes, even whole families are now banding together to chase down bands of meteorological disturbances to either get their fifteen seconds of fame when they upload their captured images…or get their fifteen seconds of thrills witnessing a neighbor’s house relocating several miles from its original placement.

Storm chasing has apparently become so very popular emergency responders are receiving alert messages from their command stations when severe weather is approaching to also strategically prepare for…visitors.

I would tell you how completely insane this all is considering everyone on the Weather Channel advises people to not only stay indoors when severe weather is in the area…but get to a basement or a room with no windows.  I would…except for the fact while this country is currently experiencing a run of unprecedented wild weather like never before…the network we used to count on for that kind of 24/7 weather advice and concern runs weather reality shows now instead of covering weather reality.  We had some severe weather come through just the other night…but “Coast Guard Alaska” was on.  They do have a “Weatherscan Channel” that constantly provides a local radar view and emergency advisory info…but it’s just not the same without someone actively telling you to get to a safe place as danger is imminent.

So, perhaps the growing number of people following twisters don’t have their priorities in the best order…but does the Weather Channel?

They have another reality show premiering tonight…here’s the synopsis:

Series Premiere: Iron Men

Ironworking is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. No matter the weather, iron workers walk steel beams hundreds of feet off the ground and the higher you build, the stronger the wind. Besides fighting the wind, snow, and rain an iron worker in New York has to battle the East Coast bone-chilling cold. Iron Men follows the workers of the world’s most respected ironworking unions – New York’s Local 40 and Local 361.

This show sounds like it has nothing to do with “The Avengers” and a key member of their team, Iron Man.

This show sounds like it has nothing to do with weather either.

Eventually, the Weather Channel will be able to improve their profit margins (and insurance rates) further by not having to ever send anyone out to the field to cover approaching or departing storm situations.  It sounds like we’ll soon be able to pick and choose from all sorts of individuals and families to update us on what happened in their respective communities.  Neighbors interviewing neighbors.

You’ll just have to watch CNN and MSNBC to see all that.  Bad weather is their bread-and-butter now.  It’s happening all the time, all over the nation…and the footage is rolling in non-stop from all this “new media.”

Really, should we even expect the Weather Channel to cover weather when so many people are willing to travel into harm’s way to do it for them…and the news networks lead with weather stories anyway?  They can just run reality shows about weather…picking and choosing from all the images captured by the growing legion of part-time storm chasers.

Geez, no job is safe anymore.  Those “professional” storm chasers will be looking for work soon.

Many of the very same public who collectively gasps when gasoline goes up a penny appears to be more than ready to burn gallons at a moment’s notice to be a part of Mother Nature’s ever-growing, self-destructive tendencies…showing their own self-destructive tendencies in the process.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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5 Responses to Storm Chasing With The Family – You’ll Be Blown Away

  1. If there’s dangerous weather, I prefer to stay inside and live to tell about it!


  2. Agreed. Life brings with it certain unavoidable risks. Driving to a tornado is not one I’m signing up for voluntarily!


  3. So many great lines here it’s hard to know where to start! It appears the weather people are now doing what the news stations are doing: using eager citizens instead of trained reporters. So much cheaper ( and accuracy? close enough – no one will remember anyway in an hour or two)
    Love that 2nd paragraph! (Blame lack of science education – and no development of critical thinking skills?)
    Parts of this remind me of while it looked like we should be getting weather/storm information, we were seeing repeated videos of a small child rolling out of a car – in China! Sorry about the kid, but it wasn’t local or national news…or of international importance – just DUMB CHOICE networks/stations.
    Great post


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