Festivus And Social Media – Airing Of Grievances Can Get You Canned

Festivus will be here before you know it folks. December 23rd not that far off now.

(If you have no idea what I’m referring to the link above will be most helpful…)

One of the aspects of this annual ”Holiday” is the “Airing Of Grievances.” That phrase certainly came to mind after reading Wendy Davis’ column in the New York Post’s Business Section earlier this week. She discusses the way workers have taken to social media to “discuss” certain aspects of their day-to-day which in some cases has resulted in the “end of days”…for their positions.

Obviously, this remains a very fluid situation. No, not the part about people hating their jobs. I usually see that number consistently in the 50-60% range depending on the collective surveying of those working for someone else. I mean fluid relative to the courts.

Davis’ piece notes both unions and employers alike are busily drafting guidelines trying to get their arms around what can and cannot be discussed about the workplace…outside the workplace.

Good luck with that.

Many employers continue to review an August report on social media firings by the National Labor Relations Board in trying to establish rules and start crafting new pages for employee handbooks (can they get any bigger?) dealing with what is and isn’t “fair game” to air on social media.

The airing of grievances is funny when restricted to Festivus. As for bringing up what bugs you about your business…for now that’s best saved for discussion around the lunchroom, the water cooler…

…or perhaps the Festivus “Pole.”


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2 Responses to Festivus And Social Media – Airing Of Grievances Can Get You Canned

  1. I just want to say that, even if this wasn’t a great article (which it is), I still would have liked it simply because you mentioned Festivus.

    It’s for the rest of us…


  2. It IS for the rest of us! Please have a safe and happy Festivus PCC!


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