Bleeping Live Radio

So just a few days ago I passed along my experience with a live radio segment where the hosts wound up frantically trying to get a dog owner to speak…instead of the dog.

Well..since everything weird in my world always seems to happen “in threes”…I can’t wait for what #3 turns out to be.

#2 happened today…again on live radio…again on the same oldies station.

They have a contest between one male and one female contestant, asking them three questions each that – from a sexist standpoint – are expected to be difficult.  An example this morning was asking the male what TV show has a character called “McDreamy?”

(I happen to know the answer is “Grey’s Anatomy” but don’t judge me…I read a lot)

But we didn’t have to go far into the contest to see trouble was once again lurking in the world of live radio.  The female contestant today was, shall we say, “spirited” in nature.  Perhaps “spirits” is what got her eventually in trouble.  Just speculation on the part of this listener.

Now, please understand the hosts of the morning show on the oldies station comprise one woman and three men.  They always banter back and forth about how one side is doing overall in this ongoing contest…who is the smarter species, etc.  The contest is good-natured fun and, as always, designed to go off without a hitch and within a limited amount of time so commercials can run.  Oh, and music sometimes…

Anyway…from the beginning this morning something seemed a tad off with the woman chosen to play.  She sounded a bit rowdy just in introducing herself. Animated, I guess you would say.  Then, when the male contestant was being introduced she interjected something inaudible to listeners but it sounded like she was indicating the fellow didn’t stand a chance.

Well…we only had gotten two questions into a three question event…and one of the male hosts was reading a question to the female contestant about what kind of beer is advertised as…

And I can’t even tell you what the rest of the question was because dead silence took over the airwaves.

The only thing I heard for several seconds was the crickets outside.

She was bleeped.

After those several seconds, the hosts came back on the air and understandably sounded surprised the “button” had to be hit.  They laughed a little, made a reference to the fact the female contestant was now “gone” (something I picked up on when she first started speaking…) and immediately turned towards congratulating the male contestant for winning the contest…described their prize…and off to another commercial we went.

In one week, I’ve woken up to two instances where live broadcasts can go sideways in a second.  I am sure these radio hosts are thinking like me at this point…what’s next?

#%^@ if I know.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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