No Such Thing As Non-Revenue-Generating Position

The following was courtesy of a company called Write Specialties (it was mine back in the day).  It was a post I wanted my valued WordPress readers to see considering the current state of affairs in our country…

There are no such things as non-revenue-generating positions.

I’m going to single out Merck because they are the latest corporation to put
this in a press release, but they certainly aren’t the first to have done so
and won’t be the last…unless this post generates enough interest to force
companies to rethink abolishing this complete lack of thought.

In Merck’s recent press release noting a reduction in their work force of as
many as 13,000 jobs by the end of’s the kind of expression by a
business that makes my blood boil…

Sales staffs may be spared. “The reductions will come disproportionately
non-revenue-generating positions.”

If you are in Sales your function is to increase revenue…to bring in
tangible money not otherwise attained. No problem understanding that.

How does Sales accomplish this? Alone?

If the product is not marketed properly, made affordable, available and
produced to a high standard of reliability and consistency any attempt to sell
a potential customer on it will fall on deaf ears. Therefore, those who arrange
for cost-effective (want product to have maximum sales margin potential)
materials to arrive in order to make the product are involved. Those who sign
off on the quality (want product to be reliable) of the materials to make the
product are involved. Those who manufacture (want product to work) the product
are involved. Those who safely inventory (want product to arrive in mint
condition) the product and assign it to the proper logistic locations (want
product to be readily available) are involved. Those who create winning
marketing materials and advertising (want potential customers to know product’s
features and benefits) are involved. Those who accurately take customer orders
(want to ensure product is delivered as promised) are involved. Those who
generate correct pricing/billing (want to ensure no delay in payment for
product) and collect debt owed by the customer (want to enforce product is paid
for in full) as quickly as possible are involved.

The dinosaur thinking that if you are not in Sales you don’t generate
revenue for your company is embarrassing. Anyone who uses the phrase non-revenue-generating positions shows an ignorance beyond words.

Companies often go out of their way to promote team concepts to ensure
maximum effort from all employees…except when layoffs occur. Then, employees
often are told there was only one real team that mattered all along…Sales.

The irony is the companies had it right the first time. Sales is a team

You can have the greatest lead generators and closers in the world but if
those non-revenue-generating positions don’t come through – or
you don’t have enough of them – good luck with that…Team Sales.


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