Google+ And Facebook Not Sounding Very Social To Me

Sooooooo…take a few minutes away from work today to check out the lead technology stories of the last day or so…

I trust you have at least heard of Google+…if not…here’s an overview…

It is a new social networking service Google created to take on Facebook…with the hope its tweak of being able to categorize your colleagues, roommates, friends, family etc. might be more appealing.  You can direct what you share and with whom you share it.  Here’s what some experts are saying about it.

Sooooooo…the first headline I found was…”How To Import Your Facebook Contacts On Google+.

All of one sentence into that article I foundUPDATE: Facebook Has Blocked This Tool.

Aside from the obvious irony of two social networking efforts being anything but social towards each other…this fight is over “Facebook Friend Exporter.”

Friend?  Come on, Google and Facebook…play nice.  Or at the very least, be social.


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4 Responses to Google+ And Facebook Not Sounding Very Social To Me

  1. I love this. God forbid social sites make things easier on its consumers because it’s worried about competition. How about letting your customers decide what site they want to use? If your product is better, you have nothing to worry about…right? Last time I checked, monopolies aren’t allowed….except if you are the PLCB.


  2. Agreed, FTLOTV. Well said. And for those of us born and raised in PA the Liquor Control Board has always been a “trending” topic!


  3. Tipsy Lucy says:

    Have you tried Google+? I hear the majority of users are men.


  4. Yes, there is a wild statistic floating around regarding the very high % of men users…primarly because it is tech-oriented and the field apparently is still dominated by males. I am waiting to see what becomes of Google + from a business standpoint once more info is revealed. They claim to have more “stuff” available for businesses and are suggesting companies hold off from diving in just yet.


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