Auto-matically Another Birthday

Got back from running errands yesterday and found a message left on the answering machine.

It was from the owner of my wife and I’s car dealership…who we have had a good relationship with over several years.

He sang “Happy Birthday.”

Yesterday was in fact Birthday Number 5-3 for yours truly.  My car dealership apparently “saved the date” in its database and an automated message was automatically sent from the auto dealership to my automated phone machine.  Auto-matic marketing.

No, it was not personalized with my name or age but it felt personal nonetheless because the guy did put himself out there with his low-grade karaoke rendition…on the day in question.

While that was going on, one of my Twitter friends was simultaneously lamenting the latest disaster he was experiencing with his current dealership.

This got me to thinking about some auto mis-adventures I have had over the years, such as:

1. Having a mechanic put the wrong alternator in the car.  Trust me, you can tell fairly quickly when that happens.

2. Having a mechanic conduct a state inspection only to fail to put the required inspection stickers on the car.  Caught that faux pas before I drove off.  I mean, that’s a big part of going there…to leave legally marked.

3. Having numerous mechanics drive our cars around the block and say “nope, we don’t hear a thing”…only to get back in the cars and replicate the sounds within thirty seconds of leaving their lots.

That being said, the best vehicle adventure that comes to mind is when my wife and I were to depart on a vacation the next day…and the auto assigned to get us there sounded like a 747 on start-up.  It certainly sounded as if the airplane-like noise was coming from the bottom of the car and ultimately we felt it was possibly muffler-related…or at least in that region.

Off to the muffler specialist…who greeted us immediately, made sure we were comfortable…and then came back moments after we had just settled in with our drinks and magazines in hand.

“Sir, we can install a new muffler for you no problem.  Shouldn’t take that long at all.  Is the old muffler in the trunk?”

We assumed we HAD a muffler on the car when we drove it there.  One thing we didn’t check was if we HAD a muffler.

Thinking quickly, I said “no…we left that at home…didn’t think you’d need it anyway.”

Don’t know where I pulled that one out from…it just came auto-matically.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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8 Responses to Auto-matically Another Birthday

  1. Dave Cutler says:


    Great post! Thanks for link to mine as well. Few things in life are as frustrating as dealing with people that service your car (or don’t, as the case may be).

    Thanks for the laugh.



  2. Thanks for stopping by Dave! Couldn’t have done it without you (sorry…)! Bruce


  3. Tipsy Lucy says:

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Why were you having the muffler replaced on a loaner car?
    I don’t have many car stories. I don’t take care of the the maintenance of my vehicle. Hubby does.


  4. TL, thanks for the birthday wish! Apologies for any miscommunication – it was one of our two owned cars and my “assigned” I meant we had chosen one of “fleet” better suited for the adventure than the other. I can see where you thought the use of the word made it a rental situation. We drove our own car to the shop…proudly not displaying a muffler…


  5. Yeah…”fleet” was a choice between a 6 year old Skyhawk and a 15 year old Cutlass Supreme if I am not mistaken. Two car “fleet!”


  6. Troy says:

    Happy belated birthday! I apologize being late to the bloggin’ party!


  7. Troy, thanks for the b-day wish. May 31 b-day was always weird growing up because Memorial Day was always scheduled on top of it and the familiy picnic was like…”hey people, it’s ALSO my birthday darn it….” The awarding of my gifts paled in comparison to the other festivities…it was like…oh yeah, there’s this OTHER reason to get together…maybe that’s why I turned out the way I did!


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