Diversity Of Blogging – Read A Blog Outside Your Bubble Each Day

One of my daily goals is to learn something new.  A new skill.  A new prospective.  A new idea.

I had mentioned in a prior post about the release of a book on what “Big Brother” is doing to personalize our Internet experiences…and subsequently reducing the amount of information we might know is actually out there for consumption.  All we will see…relative to all we have seen.

Eli Pariser’s “The Filter Bubble – What The Internet Is Hiding From You” might be a title you initially turn away from assuming it might be too daunting from a technical standpoint.   That was not the case for me.  In fact, it not only expanded my knowledge of those who steer the web experience but also got me thinking about the blogging experience.

There are some thoughts in the book from John Stuart Mill, a British philosopher in the 1800’s:

“It is hardly possible to overrate the value…of placing human beings in contact with persons dissimilar to themselves, and with modes of thought and action unlike those with which they are familiar…Such communication has always been, and is peculiarly in the present age, one of the primary sources of progress.”

The author himself observes:

“Going off the beaten track is scary at first, but the experiences we have when we come across new ideas, people and cultures are powerful.  They make us feel human.”

When someone comments on my blogs I take time to investigate if they have one of their own…and take in some of their posts whether they appear on the surface to be “my kind” of blog.  Quite often I find a new, alternative position on a subject which leads me to rethink my view…decide to investigate a subject new to me in greater detail…and/or like the content and delivery of the author’s thoughts enough to commit to visiting again.

I have also tried to make time to investigate blogs that haven’t “connected” to me…but admittedly only those appearing to be sitting in my “global view” of interest.

After finishing this book, which ironically deals with having your vision of the world reduced…I plan to widen it.  Each day I am going to commit to read at least one blog that looks and feels as if it is outside my personal “filter bubble.”

My blogging experience should not be limited to learning and growing only when someone finds me…or in seeking out what feels familiar.  I have to pursue what feels unfamiliar also.


About sportsattitudes

I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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4 Responses to Diversity Of Blogging – Read A Blog Outside Your Bubble Each Day

  1. Tipsy Lucy says:

    That is very interesting. I do try to expand my knowledge daily, but it’s usually in the area of a new recipe or how to get my whites whiter. Now you’ve got me thinking outside my comfort zone.


  2. Yes, I’m actually going out of my way to find posts that do not look like they will be of that much interest in comparison to what I normally head towards…and reading them. Who knows what I might find or learn on the “other side?”


  3. Pammy Girl says:

    I have a routine… and yes, there is a method to my madness. But seeking out things which are outside our comfort zone help us to grow. Do they make us uncomfortable? Possibly. But if we always do what we know and only that, we really are short changing ourselves whether it be learning a new skill or reading another blog. There is so much I don’t know and don’t understand that becoming a sponge of the unknown is the one exciting thing in my life that I know will always be there.


  4. Agreed. Once we figure out we really don’t know it all and what we do know isn’t the “end all”…that’s when it starts to get fun acquiring new skills and tastes. Some people take longer than others but eventually, hopefully…we all get there and strive to expose ourselves to new surroundings and subjects.


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