Personalized Internet Experiences Will Fail Us

USA Today yesterday included a mini-review for “The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You” by Eli Pariser via Penguin Press.  Book comes out later this month.

Read the thoughts in USA Today and then headed off to Amazon…where I found a one-on-one with the author among the advertising.

Since I am in entrepreneurial mode I was originally interested in learning how in detail the book might try to peel back the “Oz”-like curtain of Internet search engines…and better define what is returned to users depending on what criteria is entered.   

A major topic wasn’t news to me at all…but was further reinforced from my investigation.  The author feels we are more and more moving towards “personalized” Internet research experiences where you and your friend each enter the same keywords and get radically different results.  Those results are more and more dependent upon where you have been and clicked in prior sessions.

This serves those global icons of the Internet who want to essentially box you in and serve you “comfort food criteria” in your searches.  It does not serve those who want to find new ideas, subjects, articles and…places of business.

The author is quick to note a company like Amazon is more transparent in letting you know they know who you are and what you have liked in the past from a buying prospective…but when it comes to returning new information and data that leads to personal and professional growth…when that is being filtered…that’s a big issue indeed.

The interview may or may not inspire you to purchase the book but I think anyone who is interested in how the Internet works…and how their personal information is relevant to companies…might want to invest in it.

Ironic all of us think of the Internet as a world of unlimited potential that…because of a handful of players…is apparently well underway towards limiting that potential for all of us.


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