Are You Snoring Yourself To Death…So What If I Am?

This morning’s Inbox featured spam greeting me with the subject line “Are You Snoring Yourself To Death?”

Maybe I am.  What’s it to you?  If I am, I certainly don’t need to be prompted to address the issue.  The spammer obviously doesn’t know I have a procedure in place to reduce that likelihood.  Pot.

Anyway, found myself thinking of things making me somewhat more likely to see the Grim Reaper sooner than later. The list is in no particular order:

1. Continuing to drive an automobile. Anywhere.  Every day I see someone execute something with a car I, a) never thought I would see and, b) never thought anyone would try.

2. Eating too much saturated fat.  I like fat.  Flavor = fat.  Did not need a “Breaking Story” on CNN to tell us all that, did we?

As you can see, this isn’t an extensive list.  With the prices of gasoline at record levels, we all may be able to increase our longevity because most autos in service still require gasoline of some grade…and how will we afford to stay on the roads?  I just learned AAA reported a 20% increase in membership service calls for the simple reason drivers had run out of gas.  People are still driving…but trying to save money on current expenses by keeping the fuel level fractional.

Save yourselves first, people.  You probably don’t want to hit “E” at 70 MPH with someone drafting on your back bumper like the final lap at Daytona.  Perhaps y’all should cowboy up and at least keep those gas tanks filled halfway at all times. (remember you have to sit out other folks’ accidents also…)

Cars reportedly run better with more fuel in them anyway and, if you are hit, having the weight of more gasoline in your vehicle assists in keeping it from going airborne. 

I may still have to drive at risk, but my car will have the proper amount of gas in it from now on.  This will help me live longer in the long run if I do “connect” with someone on the roadways.  I feel safer already.  I have reduced my exposure to an early demise.

How you might ask am I planning to pay the higher fuel costs? 

Since food products without fat – allegedly to help you live longer – generally cost more…I’ll continue to fuel myself with fat (and FLAVOR, thank you)…saving me more cash for fuel.

Glad I got that spam this morning after all.  Now I know I’m on the right track.  I at least did something to increase my life expectancy.


About sportsattitudes

I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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7 Responses to Are You Snoring Yourself To Death…So What If I Am?

  1. Pammy Girl says:

    For snoring, Breathe Right strips are miracle workers. Promise.

    Life would not be living if saturated fat were removed from diets. Where’s all the goodness without the fat?

    Listening to Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin will kill any of the brain cells you have left… so you might want to avoid them if you’d like to live a little longer.


  2. Breathe Right strips hurt when I pull them off! I will take to heart the medical advice about Glenn and Sarah. They should have a show together…thanks for stopping by Pam!


  3. Pammy Girl says:

    You’ve got to take a wet washcloth to dampen the strips before removing them from your nose. I learned that the hard way from using the Biore strips (except those are much larger and their purpose is to pull grimey things out of the pores on your nose so it’s SUPPOSED to hurt).


  4. Wet washcloth makes way too much sense…could have saved myself some skin back in the day…!


  5. Troy says:

    Hell of a blog, Bruce! Interesting comments about gas being at least half full. I can’t stand how bad prices are here in VA. Today? $3.88 I think. It was only a dollar-something when Obama was elected President. I used to enjoy driving around in the sunshine, taking in the sun and cruising, but it’s hard to nowadays without wounding the wallet.

    I’m going to be honest: I consume over 100+ grams of fat per day and I feel fantastic. From animal fats and whole dairy products to coconut oil and nuts, I gorge. I became obsessed with nutrition a few years ago after a while of pondering my family’s physical ailments, just to read more into how I could do anything in my power to pass along information to them to reduce inflammation, other joint problems and mobility issues.

    Don’t sweat saturated fat or the flawed studies that tell you to avoid it (they are all crap). Living without steaks, butter or mayonnaise would drive a dietary fat lovin’ person mad!


  6. Thanks, Troy. Gas today was $4.09 for regular. Diesel up near $10. Crushing some businesses. They never banked on having to go to the bank for gas. Consumption of fat will continue even if I have to walk to the grocery store.


  7. Um…Diesel was not quite that high…the electronic sign advertising the costs was out of whack. I asked about it and it was more like $5 something…just showing my knack for follow-up and investigative journalism.


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